To Live on Mars, Say What!

According to a report from, Mars One announced Monday (Dec. 30) that it has picked 1,058 aspiring spaceflyers to move on to the next round in its search for the first humans to live and die on the Red Planet. The Netherlands-based nonprofit wants to start launching groups of four on a one-way trips to Mars by 2023, with the long-term goal of creating the first permanent settlement on Mars. 

It was reported that the selected people for this space exploration into the abyss, will have to undergo years of similation training and testing. Each person must undergo a medical screening which includes a psychological profile to ensure cohabitation and cooperation in the hopes for a future a sustained human colony

Peanut Gallery.....
CREEPY! So, the idea of space exploration for a one way trip to an uncharted planet has been compared to the old idealogy of a flat world. Yes, exploration proved that theory and perhaps these individuals will be the historical heroes. Nonetheless, the old pilgrams already had charted maps as a guide into the search for the land. Folks from this gallery suggest testing the loving quarters on the moon close to Earth; therefore, if a problem becomes unfixable. The repair dude/dame will arrive from the space station within a few hours vesus a care package in about thirty years. Of course, once the government hire (trick) an engineer to board the one way flight. 


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